Unveiling Deliverance One Episode At A Time!


In this episode of LIBERTY UNVEILED, formerly Teshuah Unveiled, Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam discuss “Generational Faith” in families as a major perspective to addressing challenges that children and teenagers are faced with in this day and age.

Listen in and be enriched by the biblical outlook to these issues and more

Conversation Highlights

[00:53] Brad shares that the reason for the name change to “Liberty Unveiled” is that “Teshuah” is the Hebrew word for “Deliverance”.

[02:52]What is the difference between Thai coffee and “non-Thai” coffee?

[12:28] As Christians, we ought to be reflections of God.

[18:27]You’re having an impact, whether you want to or not.

[18:35] As Christians, We are not called “to be” Ambassadors of Christ, We are Called Ambassadors of Christ.

[19:00] A comparison between the generations descending from the lineages of Jonathan Edwards( a Godly man) and Max Jukes(notorious reprobate).

[26:25] Just like thistles, if we don’t get down past the crown and remove the sin in our lives by the roots, we won’t get rid of it.

[37:55] Paul had to learn followership by following Barnabas which enabled him to teach others to also be followers of Christ.

[42:01] Brad tells a story that reflects how young people between the ages of 12-20 are yet to have the capacity to understand external evil.

[49:16] “Child sex predators love smartphones”.

Remarkable Quotes:

[13:35] “Excellence for the Lord, not Junk for Jesus”.

[18:27] “You’re having an impact whether you want to or not”.

[52:06] “Satan is a better theologian than I am, yet he is the devil still”.

[52:46] “Sometimes the best way to outclass the enemy is to just not give them the tool that he needs to get your kids ensnared”.

[56:51]“Brainwash your children; renew their minds”.

[01:05:18]“Take care of the problem early, and it won’t hurt as much later”

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