Unveiling Deliverance One Episode At A Time!


In this episode of Liberty Unveiled (Teshuah Unveiled), Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam focus on the concept of Discipleship as it relates to consistent fellowship in Christ, citing its role in the rehabilitation of the girls rescued from sex trafficking.

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Conversation highlights

[01:41] The single steep Tea Biscuit

[03:14] The Gong Fu brewing method

[09:13] One of the girls who was rescued and rehabilitated is now a licensed insurance agent

[10:47] A typical day in the life of the girls

[17:22] Understanding discipleship

[20:01] We live in such a fast-paced society that we miss opportunities

[36:59] Obedience is simple, disobedience is complicated

[37:10] If God commands you to do it, He also gives you the ability to do it

[43:25] God’s word is where knowledge starts

[46:39] Fellowship and discipleship are so closely tied, they are almost inseparable

[49:41] Pastor Sam narrates his experience with the kid who had a hunger for God’s word.


Remarkable Quotes:

[13:12] “It’s not discipleship until the multiplication happens”

[36:59] “Obedience is simple, disobedience is complicated”

[48:33] “You cannot have real fellowship until you’ve talked about Jesus Christ”



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