Unveiling Deliverance One Episode At A Time!


In this episode of Teshuah Unveiled, Bradley and Pastor Sam sit with Andrew, a missionary in communist Asia who rescues girls from sex trafficking with the goal to rehabilitate them and preach to them the gospel of Christ. They also delve into the different opportunities that are made available to empower these girls as well as the business aspect that helps support the process.


Bradley gives an introduction and a quick recap.

The ministry involves Bible schools, rescuing girls from trafficking, agricultural systems as loans, Health care services

Treating lepers also includes care with consideration to the permanent effects of leprosy.

A few rescue experiences, how God came through in times of trouble.

A lot of the girls are young kids who are mostly focused on getting an education.

The participation of rescued girls in the ministry and programs to empower them.

How the ministry started with a job interview.

True Discipleship is all about a daily Christianity with emphasis on daily life interaction together.

As Christians, we must listen and obey the Holy Spirit so we don’t miss opportunities to work with God.

Different categories of tea, most of which are the same plant processed differently.

Teshuah Tea Company is aimed at giving financing to this ministry which you can support with donations or  buying bags of tea or coffee


Remarkable Quotes: 

“We have to be spirit-led”

“Business is vital in the body of Christ”


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