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Beyond Redemption

Wherever you are in your walk towards God, whether you are a person working on your individual faith or a ministry working out God’s work in a group, we all need hope.


Yet, it is often in the darkest times, that we lose that hope…like the Israelites of the Old Testament who were freed from Egyptian slavery, but were too afraid to enter Promised Land.


That is what this podcast is about, finding and keeping the hope until we are redeemed.


We often assume that the heroes we look up to, like our Founding Fathers, were full of hope and super confident.


In reality, they had to develop that faith.


They had to develop the confidence that even if the world around them was dark, scary, and confusing. They had to fight with the confidence that God will handle the rest.


In this episode, Brad and Pastor Sam take a few moments over tea, to explore how we can develop that powerful faith in our lives. You’ll hear how the Old Testament story of redemption and obedience played a big role in the founding of the United States…and how that influence is with us, even to this day.


You’ll also learn about the role of obedience, service, and patience in becoming the kind of leader that God calls us to be.


They’ll cover questions like:

  • How do I develop a stronger faith?
  • What’s the “unpardonable” sin?
  • What makes us lose faith?
  • Can anyone (even with a bad past) be redeemed?
  • How do I become a better servant of God?
  • Is the Bible still relevant in our government?
  • What kind of leadership should we be looking for?


Other Key Insights

  • Teshuah Testimony: A powerful story of a girl who escaped her nightmares
  • How your donations are supporting Teshuah Tea Company’s mission
  • How the Old Testament played a big role in the founding of the US
  • Why the Promised Land depends on obedience
  • Exodus 20 and how it connects to American Law
  • Why the keys to leadership in God’s Kingdom are patience, persistence, and service


Conversation Highlights

[2:00] The bigger mission of Teshuah Tea Company


[7:40] One’s girl escape from human trafficking…to healing with Jesus


[10:00] Problems in human trafficking rescue


[12:45] The unpardonable sin?


[18:20] Why do humans mess up?


[20:23] John Quincy Adams and his persistent fight for good…and what it can teach us


[32:28] Why leaders must serve


[34:53] Why obedience is the path to a better and freer life


[35:34] Why the American government was built (and survives) on principles of faith


[35:47] Why leaders need to be “tested and proven”


[42:25] Developing a servant’s heart


[45:19] How the Old Testament (Exodus 20) still applies to us today


Quotes to Remember

“That was the first time she had slept peacefully for three years.”


“There are people that are beyond redemption, but they;re not beyond redemption for the reasons that you might think…”


“I think the Promised Land is…a picture of obedient living.”


“If you want…a legacy worth living, you have to live the obedient life.”


“Duty is ours, results are God’s” (John Quincy Adams)


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