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In today’s episode of The Teshuah Unveiled Podcast, Bradley Hopp has been in a deep discussion with Pastor Sam Jones on matters of human trafficking, especially young sex trafficking victims and how they have helped them out, and tips they have given them on how to start their own business and succeed. This is a must-listen episode for all people and people who want to grow their business and achieve success. Listen in to learn about all this and much more.

We rescue girls from sex trafficking and bring them into our rescue and rehab facility where we give them all new clothes, we get a medical care, we make sure that they have all the personal care items that they need. They are given an education, they’re taught to read and write, they’re given psychological care, but then we take it a step further and a lot of groups do. And we’re actually economically empowering them by giving them the hands on of how to make braces, how to make coasters, how to harvest and process teas and coffees. We really are striving to help them to know how to make world class products because that is a reflection on them, it’s a reflection on us and it’s a reflection on God. These girls are being equipped with how to live for today, it’s not just that they’re being prepared to die, they’re being prepared and taught how to live and not just live, they learn how to read their Bible, that’s needed, but they’re learning how these principles that are found in God’s work, how they apply to their everyday life. We have gotten so far from the Bible that we don’t understand the value of human life, we’re able to murder babies and we’re able to go through this stuff but you need to know that Jesus came to die for our sin and there are benefits with Jesus Christ. We serve a God that doesn’t just want to go, “Okay, I do the bare minimum.” He wants to give us life exceedingly abundantly above. There’s a lot of times where God doesn’t give us the answer we necessarily always want, but that doesn’t mean it’s not our best. God has a much bigger perspective than what we have. God sees things that we could never imagine, He knows things that we don’t know and He wants what’s best for us. God could use the medical utensils to talk to people if He wanted to. We can still take comfort that God doesn’t abandon his children Church is not the building but the people, you can have a church without a building but the church building is very important because when they see the building, it is a testimony. It is a monument to point people to Jesus Christ. If God didn’t care about physical things, then Jesus Christ wouldn’t have been the icon of God, the image of God. That’s what it talks about in Colossians, He wouldn’t have put on flesh, and He wouldn’t have done that. He could have come and used a spiritual body or something like that to make a sacrifice, but instead he used a physical body. Always aim at producing good quality product to your customers because most people really don’t care if they help somebody else, they just want good quality even if the price is high. You have the ability of praying for people and laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. God’s healing power is real, it is here, it is active, it is working. Our biggest problem is we get our brains on the way and we lack faith and we lack trust in God to do what he said he’s going to do. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord, make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance on you and give you peace. So they shall invoke my name on the sons of Israel, and I then will bless them.

“Excellence for the Lord, not junk for Jesus.” “It costs $90 to buy a human being.” “What we’re sharing is really grievous and yes it’s really heartbreaking and stuff, but the bottom line is, we’re bringing hope.” “Jesus is not just here to save us from the bad things, bad things are still going to happen.” “When is the time you’re going to need prayer more than anything? When you’re laying in the hospital dying.” “I love police officers, but they’re only real police officers when they’re upholding the Constitution because that is the law of the land.” “What is the church? The church is a healing station.” “Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost now.” “God’s not dumb, and so he uses physical identifiers in order for us to have these. God does use physical standards in physical imagery for his purpose because he realizes that we’re often visual beings.” “The scripture says in the last days men’s will be lovers themselves.” “I’d rather support a business that I can trust and that these people are doing good.” “Healing is the children’s bread.”

ABOUT THE HOST Bradley Hopp has done many things in his work life from farming to sales to construction to delivering fire trucks and driving charter buses. His latest venture is by far the one that is the most rewarding and has the steepest learning curve. While running their website teshuahtea.com he had to learn and perform every single aspect of the business. These aspects include web design, QuickBooks, video creation, analytics, marketing, fulfilment, SEO, etc, etc. It’s been a worthwhile challenge especially when he thinks of the young sex trafficking victims they’re able to economically empower! ABOUT THE CO-HOST Pastor Sam has served at Faith Baptist Church since 2013 with his wife Sarah. Pastor Sam is an avid kayaker, podcaster, and loves studying America’s founding fathers. Pastor Sam completed an intense pastoral internship at Hagerman Baptist Church and served as a chaplain at Heritage Care Center in Iowa Falls, Iowa before accepting the call to pastor here at FBC. He loves people and his goal is to make Disciples of Christ by personally, prayerfully, and persistently investing the Word of God into others. Pastor Sam is committed to long-term ministry in Hudson and looks forward to serving in Faith Baptist Church for years to come!

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