Unveiling Deliverance One Episode At A Time!


In this episode of Teshuah Unveiled, Bradley Hopp sits with Pastor Sam and answers pertinent questions about Teshuah as a company and a ministry. They also share thoughts on the role of the church building in Christianity and the world today.

Listen and learn from this inspirational conversation.

Conversation Highlights

[2:00]When did the Teshuah Tea Company come into existence?

[10:00]How the ministry “Equipping the Persecuted” provided aid for Nigerian Muslims being terrorized and brought them to Christ.

[14:40]The early believers continued to meet and stand in spite of the enemy’s plans and purposes.

[15:05]The church is a called assembly, not a building.

[23:29]God cares about buildings.

[26:55]Christianity is the foundation of Western Civilization.

[29:35]What is the vision for Teshuah?

[31:33]”A boy and his Chicken”

Remarkable Quotes:

[15:07]”The church is not a building”.

[20:17]”Whatever God does Satan copies”.

[23:08]”There is a line between giving your best to God and materialism”.

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