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In this episode of Liberty Unveiled (Teshuah Unveiled), Bradley Hopp introduces the Podcast, the Teshuah Tea Company, and its rescue mission in communist Asia. He sits with Pastor Sam as they go through the roles and importance of the Bible in the founding of America.

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Conversation Highlights

[00:38] Brad introduces Teshuah Unveiled Podcast and describes the Teshuah Tea Company, including their work with rescue and rehabilitation of girls from sex trafficking, with help from their missionary partner Andrew

[11:34] Teshuah addresses both the physical needs and spiritual needs of these ladies

[12:02] Some Teshuah Tea Company products

[16:00] Each institution was created by God(individual, family, church, and government) is made better by following God

[17:30] The Cranberry Twilight Tea

[20:04] Pastor Sam and Brad disclose that the Super bowl and Ice fishing periods give occasion for a large percentage of sex trafficking.

[22:08] 2000 students a month are trafficked in Georgia

[23:24] If you are thinking of ways to help, apart from working in the field as a missionary, you can support the missionary fighting sex trafficking by donating or buying Tea from Teshuah grown by the rehabilitated girls.

[32:16] Upon these two foundations; the laws of nature and the laws of revelation(found only in the scriptures), depend all human laws – William Blackstone

[35:42] We all have a choice

[49:54] God designed rest

[53:53] America and the Bible had great success tied together, but we move away from the Bible our success is steeply dropping

[52:43] Quotes from past American presidents regarding the role of the Bible in the foundation of America


Remarkable Quotes:

[16:06] An individual should be a better individual if he is a Christian”

[26:25] “When you put your best work forward, the market will reward you for that”

[36:30] “Without a choice, there is no presentation of hope”

[39:39] “When the family is weakened, society crumbles”

[50:27] “Rest is not a part of sin; even if sin and death never entered, we would still have to rest”

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