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In this episode of Liberty Unveiled, Bradley Hopp discusses the role of the Bible in the foundation of America, with perspectives from past American leaders and points anchored in The Founders’ Bible. He sheds some light on the disparity between the successes of the country then, compared to its current state as it relates to the neglect of God’s word.

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Conversation Highlights

[02:27]The goal of the Teshuah Company is not just to rescue girls from sex trafficking and meet their needs, it also aims at putting a whole person back into the world.

[03:38]The boy who made a difference for a starfish

[09:33] Bradley introduces the Teshua Tea Company Application and talks about the refund benefits.

[17:32] The Bible has been the best-selling book in America for centuries.

[18:11] The Bible was the key factor in America’s success

[18:24] Quotes from National leaders throughout American history acknowledging the role of the Bible in the success of America (President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Harry S. Truman, President Woodrow Wilson, President Theodore Roosevelt, President Andrew Jackson, President Ronald Reagan, President Zachary Taylor)

[29:50] The Bible does not condone slavery.

[36:54]One of the very first acts of the very first Congress was to get a Bible printed.

[51:05] God set up the law and the Ten Commandments for our protection.

[53:42] If you punish the unrighteous and the wicked, the rest of the fools will learn.

[01:02:51] I will bless those who bless you and those who curse you; I will curse (Genesis 12:3).


Remarkable Quotes

[18:06] “The accomplishments of both America and the Bible are unmatched but not unrelated.”

[51:47] “When I turn a blind eye to sin and unrighteousness, I encourage it.”

[57:44 “If I am now the temple of Holy Spirit, then what does that require of me?”

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