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In this episode of Liberty Unveiled (Teshuah Unveiled), Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam discuss the impact of the ongoing pandemic as it affects the work in the mission field, while more importantly, reviewing the whole situation from a Christian perspective.

Listen now and be edified

Conversation Highlights

[04:21] Brad shares an explanation from a doctor concerning the Coronavirus infection and its treatment

[09:27] Despite the pandemic Teshuah Tea Company is still shipping orders for tea or coffee

[10:33] Brad and Pastor Sam cite different examples of the impacts of the Coronavirus all over the world

[17:28] Hebrews 10: 23-25; we are to hold fast to the confession of our Hope

[26:56] “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither” – Benjamin Franklin

[32:00] Narrating a short story, Brad demonstrates the importance of ensuring knowledge is passed down to others

[36:48] While you work, it might be a physical task you’re doing but it is an opportunity to invest spiritual seeds in other people.

[39:59] Don’t panic

[44:07] Psalm 2; Coronavirus is not the Boogeyman, it’s like hot water exposing the content of leaves; in this case, humans

[54:54] There is power in prayer

[55:30] How we should respond to the Coronavirus as Christians Philippians 4:6-7

[56:19] 2 Chronicles 7:14; It’s not the Wicked as to why our land is sick, it’s God’s people

[01:00:28] A final advice from Brad and Pastor Sam in these times


Remarkable Quotes:

[26:05] “Resistance against tyrants is obedience to God” – Benjamin Franklin

[26:56] “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither” – Benjamin Franklin

[57:10] “Repentance is a start, that’s the door to the room”

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