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The Power of Multiplication!

In this episode of Liberty Unveiled, Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam discuss the Teshuah mission, and address challenges Christians have to face with governmental authorities today, taking excerpts from different leaders in the Founders’ Bible.

Listen in to this edifying discussion

Conversation Highlights

[00:54] A quick recap of the discussion in the previous episode

[01:50] Brad describes some of his work driving fire trucks

[03:58] A reminder of the Teshuah mission, rescuing girls from sex trafficking, and how they are empowered to make products from which they get half of the profits, added to the amount that they are already paid before those profits come in.

[07:21] Teshuah will be working with “Equipping the Persecuted” to help Christians being killed in Nigeria

[19:37] The goal is Teshuah is to create a local economy that empowers people in need.

[30:17] The Power of Multiplication

[35:03] A boy and his Hen

[41:26] A reading from the Founders’ Bible: Exodus 1:14

[42:24] Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech.

[46:37] A lot of the time we pray but we don’t put actions to it which means we’re not praying in Faith.

[47:06] 1 Peter 3:5 “Fear and Faith can’t co-exist”

[51:58] Benjamin Franklin’s proposal from the book of Exodus; “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God”

[54:03] Families are the backbone of the society

[54:35] God gave King Josiah his approval as the best king in all of Israel; we need Josiahs in every facet of our world today

[57:18] The work that the Teshuah mission does is empowering righteousness instead of enabling sin; we have so much enabling sin in this world, we need righteousness in power.


Remarkable Quotes:

[01:12] “As the family goes, so goes the nation”

[29:01] “Most people want the results but they don’t want the process”

[33:49] “4 million people are trafficked per year and 1 million of them are kids”

[47:41] “Fear and Faith can’t co-exist”

[52:09] “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God” – Benjamin Franklin

[54:08] “We have it so backward because we think that it flows from the top down but it really flows from the families up”… Cultures change as families change and families change as father’s change.

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