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What are the old paths

In this episode of Liberty Unveiled, Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam discuss “The Old Paths”, revealing the many steps that have taken America and the world as a whole away from the gospel and ultimately it’s significance.

Listen in now to this edifying conversation

Conversation Highlights

[08:05]While introducing today’s episode Brad reaffirms that the goal of Teshuah is to create a network of people that can actively join in the mission in the long term.

[11:44] The tea; 500-year-old ancient tree tea balls.

[15:21] The Old Paths (Jeremiah 6:16)

[16:51] What happens when a nation forgets God?

[20:25] God is a consistent moral arbiter

[22:15] The Passover Seder

[26:38] Our Constitution was written for a moral people

[27:40] We are not free in Christ if we are enslaved to sin, and we are enslaved to sin until we obey God’s law

[28:60] God’s moral laws are always rooted in reality.

[33:20] Christian ethics is not that the ends justify the means, it’s that the means justify the ends.

[41:04] “Works” are not how you get saved or particularly how you stay saved; “works” are a demonstration of your love for God. It is a natural response as a Christian.

[51:33] God gives grace to the humble

[59:47] Grace redeems us from lawless deeds. (Titus 2 from verse 11)

[01:03:00] If you separate the law from grace you’re not going to have a hedge of protection.

Remarkable Quotes:

[16:45] “The quickest way to kill a nation is to abandon God’s law”.

[27:29] “Where there is no law, there is no Liberty”.

[28:44] “The laws of nature are nature’s god; it’s the same God”.

[33:20] “Christian ethics is not that the ends justify the means, it’s that the means justify the ends”.

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