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What is the Fall of Man

In this episode of Teshuah Unveiled, Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam expound on “The Fall of Man” and how it relates to the problems in our world today and the work to save girls from trafficking in Asia.

Join them in this expansive perception with truths from the Bible

Conversation Highlights

[02:30] Brad and Pastor Sam shed some light on the Teshuah Tea company as a means to support the ministry in Asia by making tea sales or getting donations.

[12:24] what does Faith mean? (Hebrews 11 vs 1)

[14:59] Faith is in apposition to things that are hoped for and in opposition to doubt.

[26:35] In Christian life, we should expect to receive a harvest.

[29:27] The fall of man. (Genesis 3)

[33:28]There is a reason the bible says “leave and cleave”.

[46:09] The slippery slope fallacy.

[52:10] God wants us to be fruitful and multiply, but in His way or we can be destructive to ourselves and others.

[53:25} Brad discusses a few details about the ”Red Needle black” tea.


Remarkable Quotes

[16:29] “The skeptic has the circumstances in the focal point and God in the Peripheral, whereas the Christian has God in the focal point and  the circumstances in the peripheral”

[40:45] “ Any voice that questions God is playing the role of the serpent in your life”.

[46:42] “Satan’s slope is always slippery”.

[01:01:20] “In Christ, though people might look at us and think we have nothing, we have everything”.

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