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In this episode of Liberty Unveiled, Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam discuss the significance of a church building, describing key roles it played in the Bible and even today. Brad also shares his goal and vision for the Teshuah Tea Company as it relates to the mission work of helping those in need.

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Conversation Highlights

[02:39] How Teshuah came into existence and their work rescuing girls from sex trafficking

[12:22] Pastor Sam narrates a story of how the mission group “Equipping the Persecuted” impacted Muslims in Nigeria in a time of crisis, and led them to the gospel of Christ

[17:15] The significance of the church building in Christianity.

[25:07] The Pi Lo Chun or Bi Luo Chun tea (green snail spring tea)

[28:30] God cares about buildings

[33:09] Christianity is the foundation of western civilization

[36:32] Brad shares his vision for Teshuah; to partner up with other mission groups in the field and economically empower people in need.

[38:50] The book: A boy and his chicken


Remarkable Quotes:

[23:43] “Whatever God does, Satan tries to copy”

[28:03] “There is a line between giving your best to God and materialism”

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