Unveiling Deliverance One Episode At A Time!


In today’s episode of The Teshuah Unveiled Podcast, Bradley Hopp has a deep discussion with Pastor Sam Jones on human trafficking, especially young sex trafficking victims and how they have helped them out. They also discuss tips on how to start their own business and succeed.

This is a must-listen episode for all people and people who want to grow their business and achieve success. Listen in to learn about all this and much more.


Have you ever stopped to imagine how different the world would have been if Abraham, would have just kept his pants on and not listened to his wife when she said, take Hagar? We can learn from Abraham, saying God gave me this promise, but I’m going to push ahead on it and make it happen myself. This is just one of the life lessons we can learn from the scripture.

Let us return to the foundation teachings of the Bible. In life, we need to dig in and take time and really pray, really seek God, and really go after it. Listen to what you feel like God is saying to you as far as the plans that he has for your family.

With such a serious subject as trafficking how can Pastor Sam and Brad still laugh and have fun? We understand that laughter does good like a medicine. That is scriptural. When you’re dealing with the dregs of humanity you have to have that laughter. You find out that it restores your soul and it helps you as a person be able to deal with it.

Do you know that Jesus’s blood was spilled even for these wicked men that use and abuse the girls? We share the stories of the girls and how these men do these horrible things and yet there is forgiveness for them if they turn to Jesus Christ. Even though we were created just a little lower than the Elohim, which does not mean angels, it actually means God himself, we’ve all fallen and need His forgiveness. We were created to be above the angels, and a little bit lower than God, we were created to be the family that he wanted. However, the only way for that to happen since the fall is through forgiveness.

Marriage is a sacred thing, it’s a picture of Christ and His church. Is it any wonder that the evil one is so bent on destroying marriages?



“Marriage is a picture of Christ and the church, it’s to be a lifelong covenant with one person in a relationship that is a picture of the same type of intimacy God wants us to have with Him.”


“Go kayaking together in a two person kayak before getting married, before saying “I do”, because they need to figure out, only one person can be the lead. Because if both people are trying to lead, you’re going to lead in different directions.”


“There’s repentance for people that have screwed up and gotten divorced or whatever. Yes, there’s, there’s repentance for that.”


“According to Ephesians 5, husbands are to lead, but they’re not to run over their wives.”


“There’s such a rampant divorce culture, and we don’t value and esteem the person that’s in our lives when we self focus, think only of ourselves and become self absorbed.”

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