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In this episode of Liberty Unveiled, Bradley Hopp and Pastor Sam go through the many erroneous beliefs supporting Racism, detailing undeniable facts with points from the Founders’ Bible to the contrary.

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Conversation Highlights

[01:11] Brad does a short recap starting with the Tea that was brewed in the last episode. ( the 500year old ancient tree pearl tea ball)

[07:09] He continues, sharing very detailed knowledge about Tea, coffee and it’s processing.

[28:10]With facts anchored in the Founders’ Bible, Pastor Sam debunks the false doctrine that labeled the Revolutionary War as a rebellion against God.

[34:02] America has been the missionary to the world

[36:58] Mankind did not see each other as different races until Charles Darwin introduced it.

[37:47] Jesus was an Olive skinned Hebrew

[39:50] If you believe in different races, you must realize that there must be a supreme race, or you can believe we come from Adam and Eve, one race, all with intrinsic value because we were all created in the image of God.

[43:03] In Christianity we don’t have survival of the fittest, we have a pursue of God’s mercy

[43:48] Paul described breaking down the wall of separation; “there is now, therefore, no more Jew or Greek”.

[52:28] Blue Law: Legislative Sabbath or Sunday laws with punishments for breaking them in early America

[58: 53]The story of the miner who narrowly missed his gold

[01:01:41]As Christians, We have to Persevere.


Remarkable Quotes:

[38:34] “Racism is a lie, We are the human race”.

[44:05]” The idea of individual Races is a man-made construct”.

[43:03] “In Christianity, we don’t have survival of the fittest, we have a pursue of God’s mercy”.

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