Unveiling Deliverance One Episode At A Time!


In this episode of Teshuah Unveiled, Bradley Hopp sits down with Pastor Sam as they discuss covering previous sins by doing good deeds. They connected this point to women trafficking, and they are able to present key points anchored in the Bible to explain these issues.


Join Bradley and Pastor Sam to learn from their viewpoints which are anchored from the Bible.


Conversation Highlights

[00:56] Teshuavah recalls the topic of the last episode on the temple layout and how it’s related to marriage.

[02:22] Some thoughts about marriage in the temple focusing on Ephesians Chapter 5.

[04:56] Restoration works by repentance and communion with God.

[06:46] Solomon dedicated the temple to the Lord and he slaughtered thousands of livestock

[07:49] Leviticus 6:9-13 talks about the offerings in the altar.

[13:54] The ministry is a hope-filled ministry.

[14:30] The beautiful high-quality bracelets for $15 to 25 only.

[19:20] Memorials and monuments remind us of something.

[20:30] Bracelets as a memorial on your wrist to pray for the ministry.

[23:20] Prayer request for Andrew for he is in the frontline.

[29:42] The challenges of having the freedom of the women and freedom of America

[34:30] Ephesians 2:8-10 talks about the good works that we do could not cover our sins.

[39:32] What are the three biggest wrongs in the world?

[45:22] Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 states that there is time for everything.

[46:25] The story of Peter and Frederick Monberg

[55:20] The story of the people of Nigeria who are starving to death

[58:33] The Christians are at the losing end.

[01:01:01] We have to honor God.


Remarkable Quotes:


[10:23] “If we are a living sacrifice, that means we are always burning for Jesus Christ.”


[44:23] “We want everyone to be bound by God’s law.”


[54:15] “It’s not an option to wear the armor of God. We are in a spiritual battle.”


[01:01:01] “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”


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