Unveiling Deliverance One Episode At A Time!


In this episode of Liberty Unveiled, Bradley and Judd Saul are going to discuss the latest trafficking news of violence in the world and the Christian work that’s being done in Nigeria to help people that have been attacked.

Conversation Highlights

[02:39] Judd starts explaining the situation called “Christian South, Muslim North” in Nigeria.

[04:47] Judd and Bradley, on a side note talk about their mission and the reason why they work together.

[07:06] The different Christian ways to help people with traumas.

[11:32] Bradley, on a side note talking about how a Christian psychologist named David Nichols and Elizabeth Andrews could and can help in Nigeria.

[12:39] Judd, on a side note explains what people need to know so they can help in Nigeria.

[16:15] The role of Islam in America and other countries.

[16:45] Bradley, on a side note talking about a 500-year-old tea tree.

[21:39] Bradley, on a side note talks about a post of a friend of his in Facebook talking about Christian forgiveness.

[26:19] Christianity can only be true if people have a real relationship with Christ.

[29:25] The importance of economic development

[32:57] Latest news and events outside of Covid-19. It’s time to wake up and see what’s happening in the world. How can people help?

[48:22] Bradley and Judd, on a side note talking about a Pastor who loves Teshuah’s coffee.

[49:00] New projects of Microfinance Program to help people in Nigeria. The importance of teaching and being self-sustaining.

[58:27] Helping even one person makes the difference. The love of God and Christ can do it all.

[1:07:34] Judd, on a side note mentioning that there are two types of fundraising ministries.

Remarkable Quotes:

[25:58] “We can’t expect God to forgive if we are not willing to forgive”

[27:49] “Jesus isn’t like some little Buddha Statue they carry around, but it’s an actual God that they have a relationship with”.

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